Tracking robots for worship

I was able to test out the bots today and I’m ecstatic about how well it performs and how simple it is to use!!! I’m gonna put it to action right away this weekend! I demo-ed it for fun on social media and shared it with my friends and everyone was dying to know, haha.”

Isaac K. Lee, Watermark OC Church

Our Lead Pastor loves to walk around a lot on stage, so after choosing the Jigabot EX Kit 1 and giving it a try, we could not believe how much easier it made our live stream. No longer did we have to constantly change shots to keep him in frame.  With the help of the Jigabot team we had all the support we needed to make our installation and setup quick and simple.”

Chris Jenkins, Encounter Church Amarillo

We certainly appreciate your help in getting us up and running with the Jigabot… Just to give you some perspective, our Sound Booth is about 65-70 feet away from our stage. Now, our Pastor can use the entire stage without having to worry about running out of frame! Please feel free to forward our contact info to anyone who might be interested in researching your product, and we’ll gladly respond with positive feedback! “

Tony Creson, Somerset Baptism Church

Five Common Uses

(of endless possibilities)

1. Recording or Streaming Your Message

While freely moving around, you can live stream or record a message for later streaming.

Similar Uses

  • A teacher records herself instructing in order to submit a video for teacher review & development.
  • A teacher trainer records herself in order to illustrate a teaching method.

Mounted Devices

Mounted devices may include any device under 5 pounds such as a camcorder, a mirrorless camera, even a phone.

smartphone device for EX Bot
Mirrorless camera attached device
camera for recording, can mount to EX Bot


EX Bot Twofer (Pan & Tilt) includes everything you need for streaming or recording: two EX robots (combined to Pan & Tilt), 4 tracking DOTs & a 9-hour battery back. This illustration shows the Twofer with the addition of an optional Base Mount accessory and a Tripod accessory for added stability.

EX Bot Twofer used in a worship setting

2. Artistic Performances

Artistic performances move us–your church can record or stream a performer moving around freely.

Similar Uses

  • Church Yoga
  • Youth summer drama & acting class

Mounted devices

The following kinds of devices work well for recording or streaming demonstration videos.


The EX Bot Kit 2 includes everything that you need to create performance videos using your smartphone or tablet or small camera: a robot, 4 tracking DOTs & a 9-hour battery back, accessories to mount a tablet or smartphone or small camera, a tripod, and a mic. This illustration shows the option that includes a free-standing tripod.

Streaming. If you’re streaming a performance video, you may want to use Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Teams, Meet, etc. Your choice of app may determine which Mounted device you’ll want to use: smartphone, tablet. The EX Bot works with any device and any streaming service!

Recording. If you’re recording your video for later upload or sharing for example on YouTube, you can use a video recording app or a camera. EX Bot works with any camera device.

demonstrating dance

3. Reading from a Teleprompter App

Free to move around, your Spiritual Thought can be read from a teleprompter app, which also records audio/video and makes you look polished.

Similar Uses

  • An pastor reads & records an instructional video
  • An administrator reads a state-of-the-church address

Mounted Devices

Mounted devices can include a tablet, a phone, or a laptop. Many “teleprompter” apps are available from the Google store, Apple store, or the Microsoft store online.

smartphone device for EX Bot


The EX Bot Kit 2 includes everything you need to read from a teleprompter app on your smartphone or tablet while moving around and being tracked. (This illustration shows the EX Bot Kit 2 with the full-sized tripod option.)

4. Viewing Notes or PowerPoint Slides

While moving around, a pastor can view his or her notes or PowerPoint slides. (They could also advance to the next slide via their Apple Watch or other remote control.)

Similar Uses

  • Youth preacher sees talking points or prompts
  • Administrator sees outline of announcement

Mounted Devices

Recommended devices for viewing PowerPoint slides include laptops and tablets:



The EX Bot Kit 2 includes everything you need to view your PowerPoint app on your tablet while moving around and being tracked. (This illustration shows the EX Bot Education Kit with the addition of the Laptop Mount and the Top Mount for holding a laptop.)

5. Spotlighting your performer on a stage

Spotlight your special performer at your next big event.

Similar Uses

  • A pastor at a special event
  • A choir director during a concert

Mounted Devices

Mounted devices can include different kinds of lights:


The EX Bot Kit 2 includes everything you need to get started. NOTE: you will also need to add a Light Adapter accessory to your cart.

How does it work?

Ex Bot follows tiny DOTs attached to a pastor or performer. DOTs can be placed on clothing, or worn on a neck lanyard (shown here). They are powered for up to 9 hours with a battery pack worn in a pocket, or on a belt or lanyard.

Why DOT Tracking? It is simply the most dependable tracking technology at any price. Wherever you turn, your EX Bot will never lose you! This tracking technology far more reliable than face-tracking AI, or radio RTLS.

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