IR Filter Clip


Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip works with any smartphone or tablet (including iPhones, iPads, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7), to block IR light without blocking visible light. While many do, some smartphones and tablets do not block IR light and thus Jigabot Dots show as small blinking lights in the video image. Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip attaches in seconds and blocks these small blinking lights from being visible (or recorded / streamed) by your smartphone or tablet.

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Easy to Use

Jigabot’s custom IR Filter Clip accessory comes with a filter cover to protect the filter when not in use. It is very easy to attach to any smartphone or tablet that you may choose to mount to your Jigabot EX. The clip works via springs, and is made of hard plastic to be light-weight, and of rubber so that it does not scrape or mark your smartphone or tablet. Simply pinch the ends to open the filter, position it over your smartphone lens, and release the clip in order to tighten / attach it to your smartphone.

Reduces IR Light

Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip filters out Infra-red (IR) light, which is emitted by Jigabot Dots and Dot Drivers and recognized by the Jigabot EX. The Jigabot EX will follow these pulsing patterns in order to aim at the subject who is wearing the Jigabot Dots. A smartphone or tablet is mounted to the top of a Jigabot EX, so that as the Jigabot EX moves, the smartphone or tablet also moves–thus framing the subject wearing the IR Dots. Most cameras block IR light, but some (including some smartphones and tablets) do not. The means by which cameras block IR light, is by use of a thin film filter that covers the image sensor (and is usually attached to a lens). Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip blocks IR light but allows light visible to humans (visible light) to pass into your smartphone or tablet. The image quality and color of the resulting video is unaffected, except for the IR Dot is no longer visible.

Easily Transportable

Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip is small, and easily transportable with the included carrying pouch. And it is made of high-quality, durable glass, steel, plastic, and rubber.

Works with Any Smartphone or Tablet

Jigabot’s IR Filter Clip is designed to easily attach to any smartphone or tablet. Does your phone or tablet have one, two, or three lenses? Not a problem! The filter has a large 30mm in diameter, and can be placed over whichever lens you will be using to record/stream video while using your Jigabot.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2 in
Filter size

30 mm diameter.

Filter material

High-quality glass, with IR-block treatment; spring steel, plastic.


The filter is transparent, but the clip and cap are black plastic.