EX Bot Kit 1–Standard


An EX Bot is a Robotic Camera Operator, and does so much more!

EX Bot rotates to follow a subject, aiming an attached camera, smartphone, laptop, tablet, light, microphone, or any other device. EX Bot has been optimized for use in any venue, for any user, within any industry. It auto-senses everything, and requires no configuration for most uses. It works with unique and incredible smoothness, responsiveness, and accuracy. EX Bot is the world’s most advanced auto-tracking robot (ATR). And a must-have tool for anyone who works with video.


An EX Bot is a Robotic Camera Operator, and so much more!

It rotates to follow a subject, aiming an attached camera OR smartphone OR laptop OR tablet OR light OR mic OR any other device. Two EX Bots together can Pan & Tilt any device to follow any subject. This kit includes 4 DOTs and a Standard DOT Driver (3-hours of battery life).

Endless Uses

  • Record or stream yourself as you move around a classroom, a stage, or a board room. (Or record multiple others as they move around simultaneously.)
  • Capture an event from multiple cameras, without adding more crew members to operate them. (Or multiple people on the stage, each requiring multiple camera angles, tracking lights, and mics.)
  • Spotlight a person on a stage with a light as they move around, without having someone physically aiming the light. (Or multiple lights from multiple positions, at multiple moving subjects.)
  • View your PowerPoint slides on a laptop as you move around training, presenting, or inspiring. (Or seeing a video, pictures, notes as you move around.)
  • Read from a teleprompter as you move around, delivering the news, the word, the hype, or anything else. (Or reading from a teleprompter app on your phone, tablet or laptop as you or others move around.)

EX Bot has been optimized for any venue, any user, within any industry. It auto-senses everything, and requires no configuration for most uses. It works with incredible smoothness, responsiveness, and accuracy. EX Bot is the world’s most advanced auto-tracking robot (ATR).

What makes EX Bot different?

The world’s most advanced tracking technology and 4 granted patents

  • Tracks regardless of how fast a subject moves, or where a subject faces. More robust than face-tracking AI, radio RTLS , or GPS.
  • Follows a subject up to 100 feet away.
  • Frames a subject 90 times per second.
  • Pin-points locations to within 8 inches of accuracy at 100 feet away. More accurate than face-tracking AI, radio RTLS , or GPS.
  • Uses infrared (IR) signal patterns, emitted from tiny DOTs attached to a subject, which can be powered for up to 9 hours per charge.
  • Recognizes up to 4 discrete IR patterns, allowing 4 separate subjects to be tracked simultaneously.
  • Allows any number of EX Bots to track a given subject, allowing for multiple camera angles.

World-class motor control results in incredible responsiveness and smoothness

  • Motors fine-tune their position 90 times per second.
  • Motors follow hardware-based (fast) S-curves for smooth and graceful speed changes.
  • Motors step in microscopic 0.00004 degree units, enabling pinpoint control.
  • Motors are virtually noiseless (less than 50db) because of innovative German-made control chips.
  • Motors rotate at a speed of 360 degrees in 3 seconds, making it impossible to outrun an EX Bot from 15 feet away.
  • Motors can push and hold its position with forces up to 825 oz-inches ( 585 N-cm), while handling perpendicular forces up to 150 Tons.
  • Motors can operate for over 20,000 total hours before needing to be replaced. 
  • Motors can be manually controlled through an app, including defining and using preset positions.

Flexibility to mount virtually any device up to 10 pounds

  • Accessories allow you to mount any camera, smartphone, laptop, tablet, light, mic, or other devices.
  • Any app that you want to use with your mounted device can be used. 
  • Operation of your mounted device is unchanged while the EX Bot is in use.
  • Two EX Bots can be combined, providing a single both Pan & Tilt unit.
  • EX Bots can be operated while attached to a dolly, crane, golf cart, skateboard, sky cable, etc., etc.
  • EX Bots can be operated upside-down.

EX Bot is a Robotic Camera Operator, and so much more! It is the world’s most advanced auto-tracking robot (ATR).

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in
Material Construction

Robots are built from aluminum that has been machined, sand-blasted, and then anodized either clear, black, gray, blue, red, or gold.

Weight (pounds)

3 pounds (9 pounds in case for shipping)

Size Dimensions

6 inches long x 4 inches tall x 2 inches wide (14 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches box in case for shipping)

Ratio: EX bots to people

Any number of EX units can track a single person.

Ratio: People to EX bots

Any number of people using the same DOT pulse pattern, can be tracked as a group (average) by a single Jigabot EX

Number of unique people per EX bot

An EX can track one pulse pattern at a time, and can be switched, via a smartphone app, one of 4 patterns. Four or more people can wear DOTs emitting one of 4 unique IR pulse patterns. For example, each EX configured to pattern 1, 2, 3, or 4 can auto-track subjects wearing the corresponding DOT pattern. And each EX can track any number of people as a group (average) who are wearing DOTs emitting the same pulse pattern. Also, a person can be tracked by any number of EX devices (providing multiple camera angles, for example), provided that each of the EX units are set to track the same DOT IR pulse pattern.


Accessories include the following: (1) Top Mount (for mounting larger cameras and devices than will balance using the included Ball Head Mount). (2) Base Mount (attaches with 4 screws to the base of the EX, providing a standalone platform for balancing or operation on a safe surface, as well as two 3/8-16" screw holes, and a single 1/4-20" screw hole for extra firm attachment to tripods, dollies, jibs, carts, gimbals, etc.). (3) External Battery Pack (3 hour) for use with the EX. (4) a Desktop Tripod (aluminum construction, with a 3/8-16" stainless steel stud). (5) a Desktop Tripod (aluminum construction, with a 3/8-16" stainless steel stud). (6) Bluetooth mics for recording audio using a mounted smartphone, iPad, or Laptop. (7) An IR block clip-on filter. Most cameras have built-in IR-block filters, but this simple clip-on filter can be used if necessary to filter out the pulsing IR light of a DOT which is attached to a subject. (8) A 4-mic RF transmitter/receiver system allowing cameras, laptops, smartphones, or iPads to record audio of up to 4 people at once. (9) 12- and 24-month extended warranties. These add to the 18-month warranty that comes with an EX purchase. (10) A Twofer Bracket, enabling two EX units to be combined into a single Pan & Tilt unit. (No configuration is necessary.) (11) Smartphone Mount accessory. (12) Tablet Mount accessory. (13) Laptop Mount accessory, which requires use of the Top Mount accessory as well.

14-Day Return & Warranty

This product comes with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. Plus the longest warranty in the business: 18 months for parts and labor. Limitations apply, including that this the product is used as recommended in the operating instructions.


These EX units are designed and made in the USA. On average, only 0.003 shipped units will be returned for defective operation.

Tracking Technology

EX uses advanced IR pulsing, with proprietary DOT technology. Jigabot has been granted 4 patents to date. This tracking technology is for indoor use, and is the most dependable, responsive, accurate, and long-range tracking available world-wide. Unlike face tracking AI which is subject to failure when a person turns away from a tracking sensor, or follows false trails, or lags in time, IR tracking happens at the speed of light, and the pulse patterns cannot be found in any ambient light sources. Tracbots IR tracking technology does not interfere with other IR equipment, nor is it confused by other IR equipment. Unlike RF technology (GPS which does not work indoors, or Ultra Wide Band which is subject indoors to multi-path interference), IR signals do not bounce and create echos and false positives. EX units track DOTs, which are about the size of a small finger nail, and can be attached magnetically to metal items or to clothing via included backing magnets. DOTs are powered up to 9 hours with battery packs called DOT Drivers. DOT drivers can be switched to one of four pulse patterns, and will be followed only by Jigabot units set to track the same pattern. EX's IR sensor includes 5 Million pixels which achieves a high degree of resolution. The sensor also analyzes IR pulse patterns from DOTs over 90 times per second, making the EX unit extremely responsive.


EX uses a geared stepper motor. The motor is capable of 360 rotation in about 3 seconds. EX can spin any number of times 360 if tracking a race around a track, etc. Tracbots uniquely drives these motors in steps as small as 0.00004 degrees, enabling incredibly smooth actuation. Tracbots has implemented hardware based (fast) S-curve functionality so accelerations and decelerations are gradual and cinematically smooth. This is also done in a uniquely quiet manner (less than 50db), in contrast to almost all stepper motors. The holding torque or force, is up to 825 oz-inches, or 585 N-cm), with momentary forces as high as 53,100 oz-inches). The motors are rated at 20,000 hours of operation. These motors can handle a force perpendicular to the shaft of over 100 Tons. And operating temperature range is 14 degrees F to 194 degrees F (or -10 degrees C to 90 degrees C). NOTE: before operating your EX near such temperatures, please consult Tracbots for various, appropriate precautions.


Black, Gray +$25, Blue +$25, Red +$25, Gold +$25

Tracking Range

100 feet

Included in the box

This EX product is a kit, and includes a DOT Driver and 4 DOTs. It includes everything needed to track a moving subject using a mounted smartphone (AC power supply for the EX; a Ball Head adapter; a Smartphone Mount; a black, high-quality, waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof carrying case; a 3/8-16" to 1/4-20" adapter, allowing the EX to be mounted either to professional tripod or consumer tripods.) This kit is a complete bundle for auto-tracking and panning to follow a moving subject.

Attaching Devices

Devices can be mounted directly to the Jigabot via the 1/4"-20 screw stud on the top of the unit. To mount a camera, iPhone, or tablet, we recommend that you first mount the included Ball Head Adapter, and then the camera to that. For phones or tablets, you will mount the phone or tablet adapter accessory (available on our website) to the Ball Head Mount. To mount a Laptop or larger camera, we recommend that you first attach the Top Mount accessory. The laptop accessory mounts to the Top Mount, as will larger cameras. Virtually any kind of device can be firmly mounted to the Jigabot directly, or using one of these accessories: Ball Head mount, or Top Mount.

Mounting the EX Bot

The EX Bot has a 3/8"-16 tap in its aluminum base that allows mounting it to (screwing it onto) a professional standard tripods or other things. Included with the product is a 3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20 adapter which you can insert into the base, allowing you to mount the EX Bot (screw it into) consumer tripods and many other devices.

Plugging in devices

There is not need to plug in a device to the EX Bot, either with a physical cable or wireless connection. All tracking and motor movement technology is self-contained within the EX Bot. You can simple attach your own device, and operate your own device as you normally would. Jigabot will track, and your mounted device will do its thing (whatever that is) while being aimed at the subject in realtime.

Load Weight Limits

Mounted devices should not exceed 10 pounds.

Angle of View

Each EX Bot can see 23 degrees up or down from perpendicular or normal, and 60 degrees left or right from perpendicular or normal, when in an upright orientation.


4 US patents have been granted, of which 3 are utility patents.