DOT Driver


The DOT Driver is the battery pack and power supply for the DOTs.

Are you tired of “face-tracking AI” that doesn’t work well? Or lanyard-based systems that get confused if you turn sideways, or away, or move more than 10 ft or 15 ft? Jigabot’s IR-tracking technology is the most robust and responsive in the world. It works over 100 feet away, and never gets confused if you turn sideways, or away, or if other people are in view!¬†What’s more, DOTs are tiny, less than 0.25″ across, and can be attached anywhere.

This kit comes with the DOT Driver, 4 DOTs, a USB charging cable and charger. It is included in the EX BOT kits.


How Does an EX Bot Work?

Ex Bot follows tiny DOTs attached to a subject. DOTs can be placed on clothing, or worn on a neck lanyard (shown here). They are powered for up to 9 hours with a DOT Driver battery pack worn in a pocket, or on a belt or lanyard.

Why Jigabot?

Jigabot DOT tracking is simply the most dependable tracking technology at any price. Wherever you turn, your EX Bot will never lose you! This tracking technology far more reliable than face-tracking AI, or radio RTLS.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 16 in
Material construction

Anodized aluminum top, plastic enclosure




2" x 0.5" x 4" (standard), or 2" x 0.5" by 6" (extended life battery)

Included Number of DOTs

4 DOTs are included with a DOT Driver

Battery Power

Standard (3 hrs with 2 DOTs), Extended Life Battery (9 hrs with 2 DOTs)–$199 addition

Attaching DOTs

DOTs come with Backing Magnets, allowing the DOTs to be attached to subjects via clothing with a backing magnet on the back of the clothing. DOTs are magnetic, and can attach directly to anything that is attracted to magnets, including a Neck Lanyard accessory which is aluminum with embedded magnets.

Plugging in DOTs

2 DOTs are attached to a DOT Driver via a mini jack. The mini jack can be plugged into a DOT Driver, which has 2 such plugs and can therefore power 4 DOTs at once.

DOT Micro-Cables

2 DOTs are connected to a DOT Driver using a 3 foot micro-cable. This micro-cable is very small, made of neoprene, colored black, and are very soft and flexible. Micro-cables can be routed over or under clothing from a DOT to a DOT Driver.