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One Bot, Endless Uses

The EX Bot with a mounted iPad running a teleprompter app, and showing it to a subject wherever she moves.

The EX Bot with a mounted laptop running Zoom, and streaming her demonstration as she moves.

EX Twofer Robot Pan & Tilt with a mirrorless camera, recording & streaming subjects as they are moving up and down a stage.

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Finally, a tracking robot that’s powerful & easy to use!

To use the EX simply (1) attach it to a tripod, (2) mount a device, and (3) attach tiny DOTs to the person who will be automatically tracked. No configuration required! No new software to learn! Simply press ON and it tracks!

Most Accurate Indoor Tracking

 EX Bot is simply the most dependable tracking technology at any price. Wherever you turn, your EX Bot will never lose you! This tracking technology goes further (up to hundreds of feet indoors) and is far more reliable than face-tracking AI, or radio RTLS. Read Post to learn more about accuracy.

Ex Bot follows tiny DOTs attached to a subject. DOTs can be placed on clothing (shown here), or worn on a lanyard. They are powered for up to 9 hours with a battery pack worn in a pocket, or on a belt, lanyard, or pants.

If you were to line up a Jigabot tracking system with any other indoor tracking system for a straight-up comparison, the Jigabot will be the most (1) accurate, (2) responsive, (3) smooth; it will also (4) work at longer distances, and (5) not exhibit the problems found with RTLS & AI tracking systems.

Why 1,400 Customers Love their EX Robots

K12 Teachers

Teachers can easily record Professional Development videos, stream instructions in a hybrid environment, or see their own class notes on their laptop from anyplace in the classroom!

Religious Leaders

Preachers stream or record their messages as they move around freely & inspire.


Coaches can record practice events and later provide more thorough review and feedback.

Higher Ed Instructors

Lectures can be recorded and streamed remotely, illustrations or demonstrations can be recorded or streamed, and tele-prompter apps can be used to make it appear so effortless!

Athlete icon


Athletes can improve their performance, share footage with scouts, and show highlights on social media.


Videographers can get multi-camera live-event footage, increasing the value of their production without increasing their operator costs.


Each presentation is recorded, via a smartphone, in order to later build his or her brand on YouTube.

Animal Trainers

Animal trainers can focus on training, while the owner can view progress remotely.

Corporate Trainers

Trainers can get smooth video footage of their own dynamic presentations, without having to ask their colleague or friend for help.

Theatre Performers

Actors can see teleprompter apps, be spotlighted from multiple angles, and record their own performance (and that of others) from multiple cameras.

Works with all of your favorite devices

Our Customers are Raving Fans!

“Jigabot is a game changer! A flexible, extensible, and accurate solution to precision automated object tracking that is unparalleled. A must have!”

– Sam Strickling, Nike

“Our Jigabot has been awesome. I’ve had instructors try to ‘outrun’ it, and they came up short and out of breath each time.”

– Tom Davis, Delta Airlines

“Please let me know if you guys live or die using any type of rating metrics, like using google, etc. I will be glad to write a glowing review.”

– Troy Burkman, WellMed Medical

Top 4 Ways that Customers Use EX Bots

EX Bots are being used in 1,400 different ways, but here are 4 common categories


Customers record & stream themselves as they freely move around a classroom, stage, training facility, sports venue, exercise mat, etc. They are demonstrating, training, engaging, practicing, inspiring, motivating, teaching.


Customers track others doing live events from multiple camera perspectives. Any number of EX Bots can track a single subject. And up to 4 people can be tracked in the same place by 4 different (groups of) EX Bots. For these customers, production value jumps while operator costs drop.


Customers read from a teleprompter (or teleprompter app) as they move around delivering the news, the word, the review, the comparison, the DIY channel blog post, or anything else. Customers also view their PowerPoint slides, play book, video, images, etc., as they move around exercising, leading, demonstrating, training, acting, nursing, or coaching!



Customers light or spotlight people on a stage as they move around. They use multiple auto-follow lights on a single person: fill, key, kicker. Each light can be positioned where it provides the best effect, without having to worry about multiplying people to operate the lights. Smoke machines, boom mics, confetti guns, potato guns–it’s all good with EX Bots!

What The Media Says

“…can’t wait to get my hands on one…”

Jigabot’s … auto-framing attachment…is the beginning of an automated hardware revolution…

“Every year, the editors sit down each day after walking the show floor to discuss, and dissect our notes on the products we saw and consider those we deem likely candidates for our annual Spotlight awards– Most Innovative: Jigabot”

“I can see this being used in a variety of professional applications with GoPro cameras in close quarters.”

“ensures you always get the perfect shot.”

“Jigabot sets your cameras on autofollow…”

“Staff picks: created by filmmakers and video enthusiasts, Jigabot’s team wanted to create a device that would help people catch all the action, while not personally missing any of it.”

“Robot helps frame video action shots”

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