AIMe, Summer 2014 (testing footage)

We spent a lot of time testing AIMe between June and September, 2014. We learned a lot about AIMe’s readiness for release, and we made a lot of adjustments in the process. This montage is a collection of clips from some of those tests.

Custom Motor System

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AIMe moves because of two custom motor systems. Those in the new pre-production AIMe units are so efficient that they operate on only 1/37th the voltage of a typical small LiIon battery. And at only 3% higher current levels than if there were no gears at all! Not only are they efficient, they are also extremely quiet and light-weight.

Two AIMe units running two distinct software modes

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This video shows two AIMe units (blue is rev. 14, yellow is rev. 12). The blue AIMe is running a highly responsive software mode, while the yellow is running a mode which accelerates and decelerates following S-curves–resulting in extremely elegant and smooth video footage. (NOTE: neither AIMe is mounting a camera.)