AIMe aims your camera so that you don’t have to.

Simply attach your smartphone to AIMe, and AIMe will serve as your designated photographer! She will aim your camera & keep your subject framed. So that you do what you want to do. In the moment. Worry free. That’s “Life perfectly framed!”

AIMe device by Jigabot


How it all works.

How does AIMe know where to aim? She keeps her eye on EmIT! EmIT is an IR emitter that you attach to any object that you want AIMe to track. EmIT pulses an IR signal differently than what occurs naturally indoors or outdoors. So when AIMe sees that unique pulsing pattern, she locks onto it, and follows it–tilting & swiveling her motors in order to continue facing EmIT. AIMe moves up to 100 times per second to track EmIT in a highly responsive and smooth manner. And EmIT can be visible over 100 feet away outdoors, and over 300 feet away indoors.

AIMe can shoulder virtually any small camera.

Virtually any smartphone or camera can be mounted to AIMe up to 10 oz (300 g). Cameras and smartphones do not need to be connected via wi-fi or cables, as AIMe is completely capable of aiming them independent of which camera is mounted to her. AIMe comes with quick release top & bottom mounts, which can be coupled with special mounts for POV cameras, smartphones, or common 1/4-20 screws used by standard cameras and tripos.”

AIMe with a mounted Smartphone

AIMe with a mounted GoPro


AIMe with a mounted Camcorder

AIMe is sophisticated.

AIMe includes a custom-designed, quad-core ARM processor “brain board” that runs at 1GHz per core! She has 2GB or RAM, and 4GB or SSD memory in order to store her sophisticated software algorithms. Additionally, AIMe includes a custom-image sensor & lens design used to track the emitter signal with an unusually high degree of sensitivity. She uses a grid of over 2M large pixels to “see” and track EmIT. Additionally, AIMe includes two custom servo systems, including worm gears to insure that she only moves when you want her to (regardless of the forces arrayed against her), and custom encoders enabling precision control and smoothing of motor movements. Seldom has any robot packed this much high-tech sophistication into such a small package!

AIMe engineering renderings

AIMe gear break-away feature

AIMe is fit & tough.

On both the tilt & swivel axes of rotation, AIMe has double-sealed steel ball bearings enabling her to withstand thousands of pounds of force. Additionally she is fitted with a break-away feature that protects her gears. Specifically, if AIMe is dropped or jolted, rather than transferring too much force to its gears, she detaches from the force automatically, thus preserving the integrity of the precision gears, teeth, and motors.

AIMe's power button and indicator LED's

One Button simplicity!

AIMe only has one button, so she is simple to operate. Simply press the button, and when she sees EmIT she will tilt & swivel to center on EmIT. So attach EmIT to any object, and AIMe will track that object! Tracking Indicators will illuminate green when AIMe is locked onto EmIT. They will illuminate red if AIMe is not seeing EmIT. And each time you press the power button to turn AIMe on or off, the Battery Level Indicator LEDs will illuminate to show you how much battery power you have left.