Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into The World Around Us

Jigabot believes that a Robotics Revolution is about to begin. It will change our society as much as the PC Revolution of the 1980s, the Internet Revolution of the 1990s, and the Social Networking Revolution that is now upon us. The Robotics Revolution will define the next decade. Why? Recent evolutions in mobile technologies (including batteries, motors, sensors, and CPUs) enable engineers to automate entirely new kinds of tasks related to work, recreation, and home life.

Robotic devices, in their most simple form, are comprised of three major subassemblies:(1) Sensors, which are able to “see” their environment; (2) Microprocessors which receive sensor data, process that data, and execute control activities; (3) Actuators, which enable actions in response to microprocessor control activities. Jigabot is preparing to be a major player in this Robotics Revolution, and AIMe is its first robotic product. AIMe is designed to be useful in work, recreation, and home-life activities.

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"We knew that the coolest device in the world would be for naught without a breathtaking way to take our accomplishment to market,” Stout"

− Rick Stout, Grow America Grand Prize Winner

"These extreme sports guys only have one chance to get the shot right, AIMe and Emit make sure they never miss the shot again and that their shots are all perfectly framed."

− Donna Root, Featured In Forbes

"Jigabot™ wins the Top Startup award & cash prize in the Grow America Competition over hundreds of other companies by selection of celebrity judges Fraser Bullock (Sorenson Capital), Amy Rees Anderson (a fellow Forbes contributor and angel investor/ founder of REES Capital), and Will West (Chairman and CSO of Control4). Jigabot™ is also voted the Crowd Favorite startup by 1,000 event attendees."

− In Forbes Magazine, 2012