The Jigabot 5 is professional camera head that can automatically aim a cameras, lights, mics, teleprompters, monitors, and other devices, up to 11 pounds in weight. It is constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, and hand crafted by Jigabot in the U.S.A.


Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before

Jigabot 5 introduces many Firsts

  • Tracks a moving subject with incredible accuracy (inches)
  • Automatically aims a camera, panning & tilting indoors or outdoors
  • Tracks subjects from 5 feet to over 1,000 feet indoors (up to 325 feet outdoors
  • Requires no setup
  • Tracks at higher speeds
  • Moves smoothly and gracefully
  • Reacts responsively
  • Responds to manual pan and tilt control via smartphone or tablet
  • Available with optional slower, high-torque motors for fine movements
  • Built with aluminum & steel to be rugged and lasting–Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed by filmmaking & broadcast professionals for filmmaking & broadcast professionals
  • Highly configurable tracking & motor movements via smartphone app, yet usable in basic “one-button” mode by anyone.


Frame the action from perfect positions.
Shoot without adding distractions.
Be ready at every stage of the big ascent.
Don't script it! Be ready to capture their spontaneity.

Jigabot 5 Benefits

  • Subject is automatically kept in frame
  • Multi-camera shoots with a single operator
  • Critical shots are made smoothly and consistently the first time
  • Hard-to-get angles are easy to get
  • Hard-to-follow action shots are made easier
  • Dangerous shots are made safer
  • Operating time & expenses are reduced
  • Confidence to follow a moving object, rather than to shoot in a static way from a tripod

Jigabot 5 Features

  • Mounts with cameras up to 11 pounds in size
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Simple operation (or configurable via smartphone by sophisticated users)
  • Direct-drive system for low backlash
  • Worm-gears on both pan and tilt axis
  • Can be permanently mounted; holds position even when power is off
  • Dual, double-sealed ball bearings on both the pan and tilt axis
  • Interchangeable battery packs
  • Interchangeable tracking modules (for near or far tracking with the same unit)
To learn how Jigabot enables revolutionary filmmaking, click here.


Jigabot 5 Specs

  • Jigabot 5 units use proprietary IR tracking system Jigabot units aim at IR emitters attached to a moving subject IR Tracking works indoors (3 ft. to 1,000 ft.) & outdoors (20 ft. to 325 ft.) depending upon which tracking module is attached
  • Allows multiple Jigabots to track a subject from multiple angles simultaneously
  • No Setup Required!
  • Can support cameras up to 11 lbs
  • Magnetic encoders for high precision & control Sophisticated motor control
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Mounts to tripods via 3/8 inch screw (or 1/4-20 using adapter)
  • Quad-core ARM processor, USB, ethernet, wi-fi Smartphone configuration & control
  • Upgradable firmware via wi-fi
  • Configurable motor speeds at time of order
  • User configurable tracking ranges via tracking module pack selection and attachment
  • Multiple tracking modules can be attached at once, providing a broader range of tracking options
  • Battery pack with rechargeable 4-hour Li-Ion battery; continuous operation via DC LED indicators: battery power