Jigabot 1 Introduced at the Sundance Film Festival 2018

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PARK CITY, Utah (January 27, 2018) – Today Jigabot unveiled its Jigabot 1 robotic camera auto-framing system to filmmakers attending the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

“It is exciting for Jigabot to be unveiling to filmmakers at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival,” said Rick Stout, co-founder and CEO of Jigabot. “Our company was founded by professional filmmakers with a passion for art AND technology. And we know that Jigabot 1 will help everyone—from amateurs to professionals—to nail those difficult but amazing shots, each and every time.”

Jigabot 1 uses patented technology to provide a hands-free way of keeping a subject perfectly framed within the video. “This is totally liberating to independent filmmakers,” said Stout. “A director can shoot AND direct at the same time. Or a cinematographer can find amazing angles, AND be certain that the subject will remain in frame,” continued Stout. Jigabot 1 can be mounted with digital film cameras, lights, microphones, video-assist monitors, and even teleprompters. By synching with an IR emitter, a wearable and mountable sensor that attaches to any subject, and which can be hidden within wardrobe, Jigabot 1 tracks—pans & tilts the camera—in response to the subject’s movements. Jigabot 1 is the only such device that will work indoors or outdoors. Jigabot is the only company with technology that can support larger cameras used by professional filmmakers. Jigabot 1 (and its larger brother Jigabot 5) can be used near or far, and is highly responsive & smooth. It can track within an inch of accuracy, making it the most precise system of its kind in the world.

A filmmaker who wants to do a multi-camera shoot—but lacks the personnel to man each camera, microphone, or light—can pair a single sensor, attached to the talent, with multiple Jigabot 1 devices. Then, those multiple Jigabot 1 devices can be mounted to cameras, lights, or directional boom mics! And thus each Jigabot 1 would follow the talent, capturing video and sound, or providing a perfect rim light, for example. In essence, for the first time ever, independent filmmakers will now have the ability to shoot a scene without a crew for operating small cameras, microphones, or lights. “Jigabot 1 points your camera, so you can be in the moment,” said Jigabot President Douglas Edwards.

Mr. Sterling Van Wagenen, who is the co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, has said of Jigabot: “The Sundance Film Festival has been home to artists with interesting stories to tell. And Jigabot’s device makes it even easier for independent filmmakers to craft their stories on a small budget—which is perfectly in line with the spirit of Sundance. Focus on the story, not the technology. Bravo, Jigabot!”

Jigabot has won various awards and distinctions, including at the International Consumer Electronics Show, where the device was named to Videomaker’s “Best of CES” list and won the publication’s “Most Innovative Product Award.” In a preview of the international trade show published by Fast Company, Jigabot was also recognized as showing one the top five robots at CES.  Jigabot won the Grow America award for the Top Startup Company, and it also won the Crowd Favorite award at the same event.

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