Track the talent. Light the talent. Monitor the shot. All from anyplace you want to be, hands free. Automatically track your subject with any number of cameras, lights, or microphones, using Jigabot 1 or Jigabot 5. Better quality. More footage. Lower costs. That’s revolutionary filmmaking.

Tracking shots, hands free.

Follow & frame your actors. Or yourself. Simply attach an emitter to the talent, attach a camera to the Jigabot, and your camera will pan & tilt to frame the talent. Hands free!
Learn more about IR tracking


Pan & Tilt with Unequalled Responsiveness and Smoothness.

Top camera operators are very responsive and smooth. But many of us are not great operators. Now you can operate a camera more smoothly and responsively than any human operator, hands free.

2, 3, 4 or more Cameras, one Operator.

More cameras, more interesting footage, more editing options. You can shoot from as many different angles as you want.



Now your Dolly Shots can also be Tracking Shots.

Dolly shots are so interesting, but they are difficult to do while tracking. Even the best operators require multiple people to pull it off right. Jigabot makes the impossible possible–small dollies, quick shots, while tracking! Even on an Indie budget.

Get that beautiful jib shot…as a tracking shot.

The more motion you have in your shot, the more interesting it can be, and the better you can tell your story. Now jib shots can also be tracking shots–without having to hire (or be) a master jib operator.



Shoot from locations where no operator dares to go.

Some spots provide the best views, but are treacherous. Now you can have your location and your shot. Without requiring your operators to be climbers too.


Learn more about Jigabot 1.


Light, Precisely where you Want it.

Follow your actors with an eyelight. Or backlight. Hands free! Now you can use directional lights, illuninating the right places. Keep setup times down, costs down.

Cue cards or teleprompters that your talent can see, from anyplace.

Now your talent can see their lines, from wherever they are.