Revolutionary Tracking

IR Technology

What makes Jigabot devices automatically follow a moving subject?

IR Emitters are attached to subjects, and Jigabot devices sense & follow them.

It’s called IR Tracking, and is revolutionary! It work indoors or outdoors,

near or far, fast or slow, smoothly & responsively. Now you can track any object or subject.


IR Emitters are easily clipped to clothing.

And can even be worn underneath thin layers of clothing.

IR Emitters

 IR Emitters shine (emit) infrared light.

Infrared, or IR light, is not visible to humans. Or most cameras.

IR Emitters pulse the IR light in unique ways.

Different from ambient reflections. But followed by a Jigabot.


IR Power Packs

 An IR Power Packs provide power to IR Emitters.

Packs connect to Emitters using USB-A to Micro USB cables.

If you change the Power Mode, the brightness level changes.

As does the Range at which the Jigabots can sense the Emitters:

Mode 1

mA 200

  • 3.6mm Sunlight: 80 ft.*
  • 3.6mm Indoors: 200 ft.
  • 12mm Sunlight: 200 ft.
  • 12mm Indoors: 500 ft.

Mode 2

mA 700

  • 3.6mm Sunlight: 110 ft.*
  • 3.6mm Indoors: 271 ft.
  • 12mm Sunlight: 271 ft.
  • 12mm Indoors: 685 ft.

Mode 3

A 1

  • 3.6mm Sunlight: 130 ft.*
  • 3.6mm Indoors: 325 ft.
  • 12mm Sunlight: 325 ft.
  • 12mm Indoors: 812 ft.
* Your results may vary based upon your ambient lighting conditions.

Aluminum Parts

Enclosures are machined from aluminum to be rugged.

They are also anodized black to reduce visibility & reflections.

Emitters use durable piano-wire springs in custom clips.

Producing rotational torque for easy attachment.


Jigabot designs, machines, assembles, and tests in Lindon, Utah, USA.

Multiple IR Emitters

Multiple emitters can be tracked by one Jigabot. Or multiple Jigabots.

One option is to track a single subject, using multiple emitters.

And thus tracking even if the subject turns “away” from a Jigabot.

A second option is to track a group of subjects.

Each subject with one or more emitters.

And thus keeping the entire group in frame.

IR Works Where Radio Doesn’t

IR Tracking is photographic. So it requires line of sight.

But light travels at the speed of light. So IR tracking is fast.

Faster & more responsive than radio tracking (GPS, RTLS).

And more accurate. Even indoors. While panning & tilting.

IR tracking works where radio tracking cannot.

Designs & Patents

 Jigabot uses custom firmware & software algorithms.

Unique hardware and electronic designs.

Protected by four patents, with more patents pending.


IR EmitterTwo included in Jigabot purchase

$ 129

  • Size: 0.33″ (H) x 1.22″ (W) x 1.5″ (L)
  • Weight: 1 ounce
  • Battery: none (uses power from the IR Power pack)
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Black anodization
  • Laser engraved
  • IR LED angle of throw: 120 degrees
  • 3 Power levels of LED (watts): 0.74, 2.59, 3.7
  • IR-Pass Filter (black)
  • Piano-spring steel spring
  • Attachment clip
  • Connector: micro USB for connecting to IR Power pack
  • Cable, micro USB to USB-A, 3 foot (included)

IR PowerOne included in Jigabot purchase

$ 179

  • Size: 0.9″ (H) x 2.5″ (W) x 2.7″ (L)
  • Weight: 6.5 ounces
  • Battery: 3.7V Li-Ion; 4,000 mAh
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Black anodization
  • Laser engraved
  • Power ON button
  • Mode selection button
  • Mode selection indicator LEDs (3)
  • Power charge connector: micro USB
  • Wall charger: 100 to 220 V, 2 A, USB-A (included)
  • Charging Cable, micro USB to USB-A, 3 foot (included)
  • Connectors (2): USB-A for connecting to IR Emitters
  • IR Emitter power ON indicator LEDs (2)