AIMe Pro is Revealed

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Today Jigabot revealed its new professional product: AIMe Pro.  AIMe Pro is an automated camera head that will both pan & tilt to automatically aim a camera at a moving object. AIMe Pro performs this “auto-framing” in realtime, and works via multiple tracking technologies: (1) Infrared (IR), or (2) RF. AIMe Pro handles cameras up to 15 lbs in weight, and is configurable at the time of purchase for different speed / torque combinations.

AIMe Pro is the first device ever to be able to automatically track indoors or outdoors, while both automatically panning & tilting. It is also the first device able to shoulder professional cameras, such as those from Red Digital Cinema*, Sony, Canon, Arri, Black Magic Design and others.

AIMe Pro is has an all-aluminum construction and is very rugged. And AIMe Pro has been designed by cinematographers for cinematographers; it provides extremely smooth motion. AIMe Pro utilizes complex mathematical algorithms to enable accelerations & decelerations, as well as smoothing transitions between movement trajectories. It has predictive capabilities as well as smoothing & filtering.

While AIMe Pro motors have a 50:1 dynamic range of speed, a panning motor or a tilting motor can be custom selected to work at extremely fast speeds (such as for use tracking cars on race tracks), or at for very deliberate and slow speeds (such as for use with telephoto lenses tracking distant objects), or for average human speeds (with cinematic smoothness). Custom motor configuration can be made at the time AIMe Pro is ordered.


Until AIMe Pro, professional cinematographers and broadcast camera operators havn’t had cinematic tools enabling auto-framing with (1) smooth motion, (2) larger cameras, (3) indoor or outdoor use, (4) tracking accuracies within inches, and (5) multiple tracking technology options enabling adaptation for specific shoots and needs.

Jigabot is a pioneer in the new and emerging field of “auto-framing technology” and has patents granted & pending. Auto-focus has been available for some time and its rightful place; auto-exposure has been available for a long time, and also has its rightful place. But until now, auto-framing was not even an option for professional camera operators. Jigabot is a technology leader.

Auto-framing technology, allows for hard-to-reach angles, difficult-to-track shots, or shooting from multiple angles simultaneously. For example, a single operator can track a subject from many angles at once. Or, a single operator can track multiple subjects (up to 18) at once, from 18 or more different cameras.

Auto-framing technology enables a camera (or light, or mic, or other device) to be automatically aimed by a robot rather than a person, in intelligent ways. It is capable of reacting more quickly than a human operator, and more smoothly. Auto-framing technology provides an invaluable new tool for progressive cinematographers & camera operators, special-effects professionals, independent filmmakers, producers, and other “shooters” wanting to get hard-to-reach angles, difficult-to-track shots, or multiple angles simultaneously.

Intended users include: filmmakers, TV broadcasters, producers, self-broadcasters, schools, sports teams, coaches, entertainers, live events shooters, sporting-events venue managers, AV professionals, commercial shooters, wedding videographers, and many others. Interest is extremely high among each group.

AIMe Pro includes a custom quad-core ARM processor board, custom IR sensor module, 4 USB-A ports, microSD card slot, miniUSB, an 8-hour battery life, motors that are magnetically encoded to extremely fine resolutions, 3 user-configuration/control buttons (each with 3 levels of LED indicators), an external antenna for Bluetooth LE control & communication.

AIMe Pro mounts to tripods or drones or dollies or virtually any other device, via a 3/8″ screw tap. AIMe Pro runs Linux, as well as custom firmware written in C/C++.  The four USB-A ports enable expansion packs to be added, including various radios or GPS devices, or wi-fi, or camera controllers, or focus/zoom lens controllers, etc.

A smartphone app will allow the device to be configured remotely via Bluetooth LE.

AIMe Pro can be mounted to dollies, jibs, drones, and virtually any other device. AIMe Pro also enables  to record / share smoother & more complete coverage of their talent, products,  and services.

The MSR Price for AIMe Pro is $5,000, and includes the Infrared (IR) tracking module, and a single IR emitter and charger.  Additional accessories, including RF tracking accessories can be purchased separately. Call  (801) 369-6622 to learn more.


*  Red Digital Cinema, Sony, Canon, Arri, Black Magic Design and others may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Initial Patent Granted

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Jigabot received word from the USPTO that its initial patent has been granted! Jigabot has filed some 25 since that original one, and is excited about developing and protecting its intellectual-property investments.

Custom Motor System

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AIMe moves because of two custom motor systems. Those in the new pre-production AIMe units are so efficient that they operate on only 1/37th the voltage of a typical small LiIon battery. And at only 3% higher current levels than if there were no gears at all! Not only are they efficient, they are also extremely quiet and light-weight.

Two AIMe units running two distinct software modes

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This video shows two AIMe units (blue is rev. 14, yellow is rev. 12). The blue AIMe is running a highly responsive software mode, while the yellow is running a mode which accelerates and decelerates following S-curves–resulting in extremely elegant and smooth video footage. (NOTE: neither AIMe is mounting a camera.)