Imagine shooting every angle, without a camera operator
Imagine being able to track all performers
Live events
Imagine multi-camera shoots without multiple operators
Imagine being able to improve your star's performance
Imagine being able to record & share your lectures
Health Care
Imagine knowing he is okay

AIMe Pro logo and trademark: Life perfectly framed 

Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before

AIMe Pro introduces many Firsts

  • Operates Indoors or Outdoors;
  • Locates & positions within inches, rather than meters;
  • Tracks subjects at short or long distances;
  • Tracks dozens of individuals (such as an entire sports-team) simultaneously;
  • Handles cameras up to 15 lbs;
  • Operates quietly;
  • Allows for size, speed & torque options;
  • Provides for the fastest tracking speeds;
  • Exhibits incredibly graceful movements & enables very low latency;
  • Enables balancing of a camera’s center of gravity;
  • Provides for the slowest, most precise tracking speeds;
  • Tilts & pans with wide latitudes of freedom;
  • Powered by a blazingly fast custom quad-core ARM processor board;
  • Works with UWB RTLS tracking technologies (large ranges, multiple subjects can be tracked at once);
  • Built with aluminum & steel to be rugged and lasting;
  • Designed by filmmaking & broadcast professionals for filmmaking & broadcast professionals.

AIMe Pro


Frame the action from perfect positions.
Shoot without adding distractions.
Be ready at every stage of the big ascent.
Don't script it! Be ready to capture their spontaneity.

AIMe Pro Benefits

  • Subject automatically kept in frame
  • Multi-camera shoot with a single operator
  • Critical shots made smooth, first take
  • Hard-to-get angles made easy
  • Hard-to-follow action shots made easy
  • Dangerous shots made safer
  • Reduce operating time & expenses
  • Dare to follow the action, rather than staying fixed

AIMe Pro Features

  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Simple operation
  • Direct-drive system for low backlash
  • Configurable at time of purchase for small & large cameras; for  fast, cinematic, or miniature / slow movements
  • Responsive, smooth
  • Very quiet operation

RTLS Tracking Advantages

  • No line-of-site requirements (hide tag within wardrobe)
  • Works indoors & outdoors, within 4 inches of accuracy
  • Allows tracking of dozes of subjects simultaneously
  • Allows for small or large-scale area coverages
  • Allows for permanent or semi-permanent installations, no future setups
  • Switch subjects being tracked in real time

Setup Overview

  1. Place 3 or 4 anchors in scene
  2. Place 1 or more AIMe’s in position with mounted camera
  3. Place tag (emitter) on one or more subjects
  4.  Turn on power
  5. Automatically track & aim cameras at moving subjects

RTLS scene


Music video scene

AIMe Pro Specs

  • Can hold cameras up to 15 lbs (with extender)
  • Magnetic encoders for high precision & control
  • Predictive curve-fitting motor control
  • Rugged: aluminum body & double-sealed ball bearings, per axis
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • 3 lbs weight;
  • Mount to tripods via 3/8 inch screw
  • Quad-core ARM processor, USB, micro SD
  • Upgradable firmware via USB & The Cloud
  • Configurable motor speeds at time of order
  • Rechargeable 4-hour Li-Ion battery, continuous via DC
  • LED indicators: power, tracking, battery life

RTLS Tracking Specs

  • RF based tracking of over 10,000 sq. ft. standard (scalable)
  • Up to 16 emitters standard (scaleable to hundreds)
  • Up to dozens of separate AIMe Pro’s per scene
  • Resolution / accuracy: 4 inches at 300 ft.
  • PC app enabling control of devices & tags in real time
  • Ultra Wide Band (UWB) time-of-flight technology minimize multi-path interference
  • Options from lowest cost systems to highest quality systems
  • Low energy, low heat, low battery consumption
  • Large bandwidth allows sharing of spectrum with multiple users