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Welcome AIMe Pro!

Introducing AIMe Pro. More capable & refined. Simply attach a camera, and AIMe Pro will  both tilt & swivel that camera in order to aim at and frame a moving object! AIMe Pro handles cameras up to 15 lbs in weight, and is configurable for demanding requirements: very fast, very slow, or smooth & cinematic. Orders can be placed now by calling (801) 310-0039. (Learn more about AIMe Pro.)

AIMe Pro Small and Extended on Black


AIMe aims your camera so that you don’t have to.

Simply attach your smartphone to AIMe, and AIMe will serve as your designated photographer! She will aim your camera & keep your subject framed. So that you do what you want to do. In the moment. Worry free. That’s “Life perfectly framed!” (Learn more)

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How it works (3 easy steps)

A diagram of step one of three for using AIMe
AIMe tracks an emitter we call EmIT. So simply placing EmIT on a subject, AIMe will track the subject.
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Virtually any camcorder or small camera (under 10 ounces) can be attached to AIMe. There is no need to plug in your camera or smartphone to AIMe!

A diagram of step three of three for using AIMe

Once powered on, AIMe will track EmIT. There are no other buttons to press or configuration settings to adjust!


Media, Awards & Distinctions

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"Award: Most Innovative Product at CES 2014"


" Award: Best of Show Award (Outdoor Retailer, 2014)"

− Gear Junkie

"It's the ultimate dream of every GoPro-wielding skier, mountain biker, and sky diver...Jigabot AIMe."


"Alongside the newest and most innovative outdoor gear at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market...a special sneak peek of Jigabot's AIMe robotic camera auto-framing system."


"List of Fantastic Robots at CES 2014."

− Mashable

"AIMe is the star of the Film Festival."

− Sterling Van Wagenen (co-founder, Sundance Film Festival)

"CES 2014 Staff Picks."

− TechZulu

"Jigabot AIMe sets your cameras on 'autofollow.'"


"I can see this being used in a variety of professional applications with GoPro cameras in close quarters."

− AbelCine

"Great for those soccer moms who want to film and actually get to watch their star on the field!"

− ARM Connected Community

"Jigabot is one of the fastest companies ever to bring up a product on the i.MX6 Quad-Core ARM Processor"

− Freescale