Jigabot products allow you to automatically track moving objects, and to aim cameras at them. Learn more about the Jigabot 1 and the Jigabot 5

Our Purpose

Jigabot produces professional products that track moving subjects, and automatically aims cameras at them.

Jigabot’s tracking system is the most accurate & responsive of any system in the world. And its motor-control system provides extremely smooth camera panning & tilting.

Jigabot was founded in 2012, and is first-to-market with many features, including these: automatically panning & tilting a camera indoors or outdoors. Professional caliber, one-button simple.

Jigabot camera heads are made of aluminum, and are hand-crafted at Jigabot’s facility—Made in the U.S.A.

We had great meetings with prospective resellers at the CES show! Look for us at other shows soon. To meet up or see a demo of our new Jigabot 1 product, please follow us on Twitter, or text us at 801-310-0039, or 801-369-6622.

Media, Awards & Distinctions

Graphic showing media quotes about AIMe

"Award: Most Innovative Product at CES 2014"

− Videomaker.com

" Award: Best of Show Award (Outdoor Retailer, 2014)"

− Gear Junkie

"It's the ultimate dream of every GoPro-wielding skier, mountain biker, and sky diver...Jigabot AIMe."

− MensJournal.com

"Alongside the newest and most innovative outdoor gear at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market...a special sneak peek of Jigabot's AIMe robotic camera auto-framing system."

− finance.Yahoo.com

"List of Fantastic Robots at CES 2014."

− Mashable

"AIMe is the star of the Film Festival."

− Sterling Van Wagenen (co-founder, Sundance Film Festival)

"CES 2014 Staff Picks."

− TechZulu

"Jigabot AIMe sets your cameras on 'autofollow.'"


"I can see this being used in a variety of professional applications with GoPro cameras in close quarters."

− AbelCine

"Great for those soccer moms who want to film and actually get to watch their star on the field!"

− ARM Connected Community

"Jigabot is one of the fastest companies ever to bring up a product on the i.MX6 Quad-Core ARM Processor"

− Freescale